distilling /dɪˈstɪlɪŋ/

The process of extracting the essential meaning or most important aspects of something.


Our Master Distiller

Catie Fry is founder and distiller of Clovendoe.

Catie hasn’t lived the straight line in life, she has meandered, ducked and dived, fallen, danced, cheered and failed. She’s had at least 50 plus postcodes, worked a plethora of jobs and clinked glasses with strangers and friends along the way.

Over the past few years, her path has led to a fascination with botanicals and the craft of distilling. Co-founding the international award winning Saleyards Distillery four years ago with an all male team, Catie has discovered a few things;

1. You can’t make a good spirit without quality ingredients,

2. The distilling process is a journey within itself and,

3. Women can have their own distilling company. 

Our Botanicals

We work with 21 unique botanicals, all of which are ethically sourced or procured locally. We prepare all the botanicals with our very own hands and distill them small batch in our one-of-a-kind traditional copper pot still.

Get ready to experience the bold and complex qualities in each sip of Clovendoe.

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Our Home

Queensland is famous for its pristine beaches, tropical islands, sunshine and Clovendoe Distilling Co.!

The natural beauty and easy going attitude of our northern Australian home is our inspiration for using the best ingredients that nature has to offer to curate a refined spirit, for you