SEED 24 - 500ml

SEED 24 - 500ml

Stimulate your senses with the familiar essence of the Australian backyard with SEED 24. Infused with organic lavender, rosemary, lemon thyme, lemon myrtle, orange and lemon peel.


For an earthy drink, serve with soda or tonic water. If you’re looking for something more playful, mix with ginger beer or sparkling blood orange.


SEED 24 is a low-alcoholic (24% ABV) botanical vodka handcrafted in our traditional copper pot still and contains no sugar, gluten or additives.

You will notice SEED 24 is cloudy. This is because many of the botanicals that make up SEED contain a high percentage of oils. These health enhancing, flavoursome oils are the reason for it’s cloudy nature.