Clovendoe - Botanic Distillied Spirits -



Handcrafted Botanical Low-alcoholic & Non-alcoholic Spirits


Low-alcoholic botanical spirits.

Triple distilled. Hand crafted. 

Pure. Bold.

Non-alcoholic botanical spirits.

Triple distilled. Hand crafted. 

Pure. Bold. 


If you're looking for something a little less intoxicating than your usual libation, then Clovendoe is for you.
Our triple distilled, low and non-alcoholic spirits are hand-crafted to extract the elements of a carefully sourced and curated blend of botanicals.
Whether you want to sip something pure and fresh over your mid-week dinners or kick up your heels with something a little more, you can find it here. We hope you love it as much as we do.
Catie x

We Skimp On The Calories 
Not The Flavour!

Did you know all our products are sugar, gluten, sweetener and additive free?

Our Clovendoe Zero wouldn't know the meaning of the word calories, while Clovendoe 24 only whispers it at around half the calories of your regular vodka or gin.

Clovendoe gives you a guilt free drink with all the complexities of a well-rounded and bold spirit. Ditch the artificial, sugary drinks and discover a new crush.

Which one will it be…Seed, Sprout or Stem?

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